Fourth of July- Hanover Beach Style

*Warning- photo overloaded post*

For as long as I can remember, we have been celebrating July 4th with my dad’s side of the family at Hanover Beach, IN. It is extremely hard for me to describe this annual family vacation in words. What I can say is that I wish this type of fun-filled, care-free, non-stop laughing, family bonding vacation for everyone on this earth- it’s that good for the soul. With that being said, I am so proud to be an American and to have spent this holiday exactly as it should be spent- cherishing time with my loved ones, eating good food, dancing, laughing and celebrating freedom.

Madison, Indiana Madison, Indiana Madison, Indiana Madison, Indiana

^In honor of Mamaw, who was also a Wanda

Fourth of JulyMadison, IndianaMadison, Indiana
Madison, IndianaMadison, IndianaMadison, Indiana

^Evan got 2nd in his division for the Madison 10K

Madison, Indiana


Hinkle's Hamburgers Madison, Indiana Madison, Indiana

^Madison, Indiana

Hanover College Hanover College

^Views of the mighty Ohio River from Hanover College

Hanover BeachHanover BeachHanover BeachRed beans and riceRed beans and rice

^Of course we had to bring some Louisiana cuisine- RED BEANS AND RICE!

Hanover BeachHanover BeachHanover BeachHanover BeachHanover BeachHanover Beach

Golf CartHanover BeachAmericaAmericaAmerica

^Which way to the gun show?

Hanover BeachHanover BeachPopsicle

^I mean, can this dual Australian/American citizen get any cuter? Seriously!

AmericaHanoverCorn Hole

^What kind of holiday would it be without some “festive” attire?

Egg Toss

^Participants of the annual Egg Toss

Egg TossEgg TossHanover Beach

^Supplies for the annual Watermelon Eating Contest and the Egg Toss

babybabywatermelon eating contest

^Winner of the “adult” division

watermelon eating contest

^Winner of the “middle school” division

Watermelon eating contest

^Winner of the “elementary and under” division

Watermelon Eating ContestAmericaRicky Bobbydancinggrandpadancingdancingdancingbabies huggingdancedanceDanceAmericaBabe



^Somebody take that mic away from Carl!

Fourth of JulyFireworks


3 thoughts on “Fourth of July- Hanover Beach Style

  1. NEWYAZCITY says:

    WOW! This makes me miss the Meyer family so much. The kids are sooooo cute. I love how ya’ll have annual watermelon eating contests that even include age divisions!! Hahaha soooo cute, I want to experience an Indiana July 4th weekend shuuuuutee… ❤ Love it!


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