catching up!

Shrimp Steamer ShrimpNolan Nolan
Fathers on Mother's Day Mother's Day

^Lane and I had everyone at our house for Mother’s Day. Lane steams shrimp like it’s his day job so we had full hearts and tummies! Nolan was cracking everyone up with his interactions with Roux. He didn’t know what to think of him at first, but they played really well together, so I was a proud pup mom! (Roux makes it easy 😉 )


^We completely surprised my dad, stepmom and the twins over Memorial Day weekend  and showed up at the house on Thursday afternoon. Kaley was the only one in on it since we needed an insider to help make sure it was successful. I will never forget their faces, priceless! Friday graced us with sunshine and cloudless skies, so by noon, dad was off work and we hit disappearing island! The number one thing I miss being so far away from them is our boating days, so I was so grateful to get out there.


^Sweet LK’s first birthday bash. So glad that we were able to make a Florida trip to be there for this and visit family. Is she not the cutest? My best friend sure knows how to make them babies! Two weeks later she had baby girl # 2, so it looks like another trip to FL is in order! 🙂


^Having too much fun on our last night. 🙂


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