mi casa es su casa

Living Room

We got our new chair today! [Insert happy dance.]

Arm Chair

When Lane and I went furniture “browsing” and ultimately ended up ordering this chair, we didn’t really have a set style in mind. We already have a nice leather recliner in the room and I wanted something that would look good next to it in the den. The very large, oversized armchair that had been filling the space, aka Roux’s favorite nap spot, had to go. I envisioned a very neutral, upholstered arm-chair and Lane’s only real requests were that it would be a.) comfortable and b.) a recliner. With that in mind we tested out almost every chair in the store. Some I loved and with tons of excitement I would call out to Lane from across the store, “BABE! Come see this one!” only to see him respond with his oh-so-handsome stank face. (Actually this also happened on a few occasions with our roles reversed, but that’s only natural, right?!) We finally narrowed it down to a few different options and with the help of the sales lady, we settled on this one. It rocks, reclines and is super comfortable. On top of that, we got to sift through hundreds of fabric swatches for this particular chair so that we could customize it to exactly what we wanted. This is where the stank-faces came back into play. I envisioned a neutral linen type fabric and Lane thought everything I picked was all super boring. To settle, we decided on a patterned design, but one that was neutral enough to blend in with our other pieces in the room.Detail of Arm Chair

^I love the fabric detail on this one. It is actually different shades of green woven together.

Fireplace Plantation Map Entryway

^The den-side of our double-sided fireplace, (a constant work-in-progress…what is it about mantles that make them so intimidating?) the map we found at an antique shop that shows all of the plantations along the Mississippi river back in the 1830s (Lane’s father built the frame, stained it and then had the glass added for us) and then our entry way table.

I always gravitate towards the softer blues and greens when it comes to decorating my house. Our main living areas all feature pops of green with other neutrals mixed in.  Our bedroom is shades of soft blues with hints of gray. There is something so calming about the blue/green family. My number one goal for our current home and any future homes we may have is to keep things super livable and comfortable, but also reflect our own little eclectic style. Our home is a mixture of hand-me-downs and antiques with new finds that have that same feel. I can’t really pin point my style, but that’s what I love about it, mixing the old with the new and the trendy with the classic. 


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