Father’s Day

There is something about the bond between a dad and his daughter.

First LookFirst Look First LookFirst Look

I’ll never forget the moment my father and I shared the day of my wedding as we did our own “first look”. He was standing with his back to me on the front porch of my gorgeous venue, Maison Lafitte. As I walked out onto that porch and he turned around, the flood gates opened for both of us. I believe the first words out of my mouth were, “Stoppppp, dad! You’re making me do my ugly cry!” The wedding day jitters due to this large production of moving parts all seamlessly coming together for you’re “best day ever” is a lot to take in. My dad gave me a sense of calm every step of the way with an added comedic relief, as he has always done throughout my life. It is a memory I will treasure always.

Dad and Daughter Dad and Daughter DanceDad and Daughter Dance

Happy Father’s day, Dad! I love you so much! I also love that we are on the same page about me being your favorite. 😉

Wedding Picture  To my step-dad, JT who loves my brother and I like his own, thank you for being you and for putting up with me through all my moments. cough, cough: high school mornings Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for us, we are so lucky to have you.

Family Wedding PictureAnd to my father-in-law, Bud. I will always laugh at your jokes even when nobody else in the family thinks it’s funny. Thank you for raising Lane to be the man that he is today.

Lane and RouxLast, but certainly not least… Happy Father’s Day to my Laney-boo, who is the best daddy to our little Roux man. One day, it won’t be a fur-baby we’re talking about and there is no doubt in my mind that you will be the best of the best!


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