Hey Stranger!

Well, well, well… we meet again.

Everything that made me want to start this blog is everything that has kept me away these past few weeks. To say that we have been busy would be an understatement, but I started this blog to capture all of our memories and, in a way, preserve them for us to look back on in the future. My downfall has been that instead of taking time to post all of the fun stuff we have been up too, I got caught up in life and just like that, POOF!, May and most of June has come and gone. Exactly what I didn’t want to happen, dang-it! The transition from spring to summer seriously flew by in the blink of an eye and to justify this to myself, I will just say that we have been nonstop on the weekends and then by the time I get home on my work days, blogging isn’t my top priority. (Not that any of my 10 followers have noticed my absence, but I will be working to hold myself more accountable in the future.)

Life is such a balancing act between living in the moment and capturing the moment to remember and reflect in later days. #thestruggleisreal


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